Tokyo Brothels Exposed!

If you are a man in Tokyo, this is the most important message you will read today. Tokyo services continue to thrive, with new brothels opening each month throughout the city. But with misinformation and outdated advice so common on the internet, confusion is rampant among newcomers to the Tokyo brothel & massage scene. Further confusing matters is the increasing violence against tourists. The fact is, knowledge is power when it comes to Tokyo at night, as the locals know very well.

Tokyo fun houses enjoyed by insiders are a stark contrast to the tourist variety. Tokyo tour guides like Dave McGuire enjoy erotic adventures in Tokyo easily, night after night. McGuire and his peers are in high demand these days, guiding high rollers to the freshest girls, even the young Eastern European imports. Can you imagine now having their powerful knowledge living your dreams in Tokyo any time you want?

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Updated March 2016